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What We Do

We provide comprehensive book editing services, including manuscript reviews and developmental editing  for various genres, such as YA/Adult fantasy, Queer novels, Adult Cozy romance, and Women's contemporary fiction. 

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Story with Professional Book Editing

As a writer, your book is your creation, and it deserves to shine. With professional book editing services, you can unleash the full potential of your story and captivate your readers. Our team of experienced editors will work with you to refine your manuscript and bring your story to life, ensuring that your work is polished and ready to be shared with the world. Don't settle for anything less than excellence - unleash the full potential of your story today!

HEre's how we can help:


Complete Review of your ENTIRE manuscript!

Tailored 2 page assessment on what's working and what's not

60 min call where we walk through your tailored assessment together

A personalized editing path for your manuscript!

Manuscript Review

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30-45 min on-boarding call discussing Dev. Edit process

1st revision: Review of your Story Arc (Character arc, plot, setting, etc.) consistency and readability

2-3 page assessment of edits needed

45-60 min assessment review call

Developmental Editing

60-90 min revision review and off-boarding call

2nd revision: Make sure you are on right track and story is flowing

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Genre-specific editing

As a genre-specific editor, I have expertise in understanding the unique elements of various genres, including YA/Adult fantasy, Queer novels, Adult Cozy romance, and Women's contemporary fiction. I work with authors to ensure that their stories are authentic and engaging for their intended audience, while maintaining the integrity of the genre.

Creative problem-solving

Creative problem-solving is the ability to approach challenges with a fresh perspective, generate innovative solutions, and implement them effectively. It involves thinking outside the box, taking risks, and being adaptable. By utilizing this skill, individuals can overcome obstacles and achieve success in various aspects of their personal and professional lives.


Katie is super kind and knowledgeable, so I felt assured handing my manuscript over to her for review. Katie knows what she's talking about when it comes to editorial services but is also a very kind person and is going to do her best to give your manuscript the attention it deserves. If you have uncertainties about your manuscript or just need some advice on where to begin with your revisions, Katie can help you out and I'd highly recommend her.

"Working with Katie was an absolute pleasure. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional work was evident from start to finish. I appreciated their thoughtful feedback and suggestions throughout the copy editing process. I will definitely be using their services again in the future!"




In the realm of writing,

stories come alive,

and the impossible

becomes possible

It can be easy to get stuck with our writing and when that happens, you need to know that you aren't alone in your journey. Whether you are unsure what your next step is after your first draft, editing a second draft but want another pair of eyes, or just feel stuck in your story, an editor can help you get unstuck and get you back into your writing. Let us help you rediscover your passion and tell your story with clarity and confidence.