Productivity Services

What We Do

We provide productivity coaching through a variety of services. We host themed weekly planning group sessions, accountability check-ins, and personalized weekly planning sessions. We are always looking for and creating resources and services that honor writers and allow you to efficiently and joyfully stay productive while avoiding burnout. We even host a FREE planning session each month.

Honor your writing while avoiding burn-out with a peaceful and productive schedule

It can be all to easy to put our writing and author tasks to the side and let life take over. The kids need to be fed, the pets need to be snuggled, the laundry, dishes, and jobs need to be done. The tasks are never ending and there is NO TIME to write! Or at least that is what we tell ourselves. Time and time again we put it on the back burning hoping to finish our novel someday, or update our author site tomorrow, but tomorrow turns into next week and someday keeps getting further and further away. Not anymore. With productivity services, you can finally make the time for your writing without feeling like it is a chore or that you are being unproductive. It all begins with an intentional schedule. Our productivity coaches will assist you in building a schedule that honors your writing and assists you in crafting a peaceful and productive life.  Don't settle for believing you have to live in a rushed and anxious mode to get everything done.
- Let's craft your stress free and efficient life together!

HEre's how we can help:

Our Services

60 min planning session to set you up for an effortlessly productive week

Different theme each week tailored to writers

Workbook to use during and after the session

Sessions capped at 25 people

Weekly Group Planning

Be notified when doors open

Group session with other writers for built-in accountability

60 min session with just you and a productivity coach

Weekly plan tailored to YOU built alongside your coach

Workbook to use during and after session

1:1 environment for any and all questions to be answered

1:1 Personalized Weekly Plan

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Have a productivity coach reach out during the week to check-in with you

Choose the check-in you want: E-mail, Text, Phone Call, or Video Call (Premium check-in)

Work with coach on what is and isn't working from your weekly plan

Accountability Check-Ins

Tools and resources tailored to YOU

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60 min group planning session

Workbook to use during and after session

Themed session geared toward writers

Session capped at 50 people

Monthly Planning Session

Ability to save your spot for weekly sessions

Be notified when doors open

Built with writers in mind

All of our productivity services are built by writers for writers. As writers and authors, the way we organize our life is different from those who do not live between worlds. Our productivity services are tailored with the writer in mind. Learn how to honor your writing and live an effortlessly joyful productive writerly life.

Whether you're looking for more time to write or how to manage all of your to-dos while on deadline, together we can get you to a place of effortless productivity.